Search Engine Optimization

Sumtech is known as one of the leading SEO companies in UAE that brings more traffic, visitors and prospect leads in an Organic way by creating attractive & informative content using high ranking, high search volume & relevant keywords, link building & social media channels.

Your website maybe one of the best and your services may be the most brilliant, but unless and until you make yourself visible to your target audience, it does not serve any purpose. Reaching the top positions of major search engines and maintaining the position is an ultimate goal of any website doing online business.

Our SEO specialists apply a proper SEO methodology to boost your Business rankings on search engines in a legit way. We use only White hat SEO techniques that bring more traffic to your Website. Our strategies are advanced & evolving with the latest Google Search Engine Algorithm & Guidelines to maintain a good position in search engine rankings.

Sumtech assigns you an SEO manager to track monthly keyword rankings & website rankings to keep track of how SEO is shaping up your Company or Business.

We first perform an analysis of your website. We gather information about the overall size of the website in pages, perform an in- depth website review, and compare your website to the websites of your competitors.

Later, we engage in a lot of preparation to ensure that your website meets numerous technical standards to ensure that visitors will be able to access an accessible website and search engines will be able to effectively crawl the website's content. We access a wide variety of tools ranging from Google's "Analytics" service to proprietary applications while testing the performance of the website in page size and load times.

Next, we follow the SEO Execution Cycle to provide the best for your success:

Step 1

Get the suggested keywords from clients: We ask the client to send the most relevant keywords, key-phrases and key-terms for their website promotion. This data is entered in our SEO Execution software and a notepad file specifically created for the client.

Step 2

Keyword Frequency Report, Keyword Suggestions and Final Keywords: We create a report on the frequency of the usage of keywords suggested by the client. That is we find out how many times your keyword was used on the Internet. Our SEO experts also study your site, your competitor’s site and present some keywords that we feel are relevant to your site.

Based on the consultation with client, we finalize the keywords. This is an important step. Once the keywords are finalized we can start the further action.

Step 3

Select Web-pages for optimization: We select the web-pages from your website. Your site may have 50-60 pages but based on your package, we select the most important and relevant pages for optimization.

Step 4

Meta Tags Development: META tags are a very important HTML component if you wish to achieve good search engine performance. META tags contain title, description, and keywords for the relevant web pages. Once the Meta tags are created, we upload it on the relevant web pages.

Step 5

Content Optimization: Based on your keyword, we create small 3-4 lines of text and we ask you to add on the pages we want to optimize.

Step 6

Adding Link from Search Engines and Directories - General We add your site in the search engines and directories specific to your industry owned by SUMTECH . This allows you to get traffic from our site and also build your link popularity.

Step 7

Directory and Review Pages – One Page for Each Keyword We create one Review and Profile page on our B2B or B2C Directories. We create one page for each keyword.

Step 8

One Way High-PR Links: We create One-Way links from most relevant sites to your site to build your link-popularity.

Step 9

Initial Ranking Report: Initial ranking report of your website will contain your site’s ranking on various search engines before we started the work. This report can serve as reference for you to assess the sites ranking in future.

Initial Analytics Report: The traffic report of website will be send which may include the total number of visits, Avg. Session on website, Users,

Step 10

Monthly Reports

  • Google Analytics Traffic Report (Monthly)
  • Search Engine Status Reports (Monthly)

Step 11

Every quarter we will call you to get your feedback on the ranking report and to further improve the ranking.

Step 12

Client feedback and improvement: Once we get your feedback we will take the necessary steps as per your feedback


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